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The best retirement song ever is "Goodbye My Friend" at by Susan Krauter. There's also a background version available if you want to sing it. Scroll down and see the American Idol contestant Kenzie Palmer singing Goodbye My Friend by Susan Krauter.

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Well it looks like the retirement season is at hand, while people retire year round it seems that the end of the school year brings a lot of teacher retirements as well as folks who have made great plans for the summer ahead! How can we say goodbye to these people who we care about? Say it in a song. A song is a great way to show that you care. Songs intermixed with photos in a slideshow is a great way to say a lot and put forth a lot of emotion. So what are some good retirements songs? Well it really depends on the person who is retiring. Here are several songs for various situations.

Songs for Anyone
Goodbye My Friend by Susan Krauter
This is a song that tells someone how loved and appreciated they are, it says goodbye with a lot of heart and honor. It is the perfect song to begin or end a slide-show with.

Here is Kenzie Palmer singing "Goodbye My Friend" at a retirement party for a retiring physician.  The slideshow is running the back and she is accompanied by a live guitarist.
Kenzie, this is beautiful!!  Thank you for sharing this! 

You can purchase Goodbye My Friend by Susan Krauter at - There are lyrics & chordsheets available as well as a background version of the song so that you can sing it yourself, or buy the mp3 of Susie Krauter singing Goodbye My Friend.  May your hearts be touched!

Unwritten by Hilary Weeks
This song is available at, You'll find the lyrics to show this song to be a wonderful expression of someone's gratefulness for what they've been through and the unwritten pages yet to write. Very nice encouraging song.
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson  
Winds of change are blowing - It's time to say goodbye my friend...
This encouraging song is uplifting, upbeat and is from the perspective of looking forward to new adventures.
"Wind Beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler This beautiful song tells really honors and uplifts someone who has been your mentor, your hero. Remember this song? These amazing lyrics, "Did you ever know that you're my hero... You're everything I would like to be... I can fly higher than the eagles for you are the wind beneath my wings..." Celion Dion also signs a version of this song.
"Legacy" by Nicole Nordeman This song is an excellent song that really tells the retiring person that they have left a great legacy. This song honors and uplifts the retiring person.
"Forever Young" by bryanclaasz
This song is for someone who is about 65 years old but is young at heart.

For Couples
Still the One by Shania Twain
This excellent song celebrates that the couple is still together after all this time, uplifting and celebratory!
As Time Goes By by Herman Hupfeld in 1931, This song is a reflective song about time that has passed between lovers.

Songs for a Woman
Memories by Elvis Presley
This song reflects beautifully on time that a man spent with a woman.

Songs that are Upbeat showing the enjoyment of leaving
"Route 66" composed in 1948 by Bobby Troup, and performed by such artists as Chuck Berry, The Manhattan Transfer, Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole
I'll be There for You by the Rembrandts

Songs for Men
"Little Man" by Alan Jackson
This song is a good song for someone who has been in the same town for a long time, someone who had their hands in the beginnings of the early stages of a business.

For an even larger list of retirement songs -- check out the retirement songs list at Sands of Time Multimedia Creations.  (This company will also create a slideshow for your event.)

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