Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Hashimoto's Diet

My Hashimoto's Diet

I looked at a lot of different eating plans for Hashimoto's and I must agree that one of the healthiest hashimoto's diet is from Dr. Kharrazian, a diet aimed at helping to heal the body.

I agree that along with an autoimmune protocol and an elimination  diet, that it is important to have carbs in the morning.  I like Chris Powell's strategy's for keeping carbs in the mix so as to keep the metabolism fueled, however, for Hashimoto's it is my opinion that the AIP or autoimmune protocol mentioned at the above link is the best way to go.

Something I want to glean from Chris Powell, is that carbs are very important for metabolism. I really appreciate that he points out the need for carbs, especially early in the day to help "set" the metabolism, so to speak. The idea I'm receiving from Chris, is that for me to include carbs in the morning is for me to "FUEL" my body. Chris has some great ideas, I think he encourages 3 hours inbetween meals and 5 or 6 meals a day. He also has days that alter the type of foods you eat that day... Such as - he has incorporated low carb days, and has different ways to do his diet depending on your needs/desires, and I think there's a "DAY OFF" on his diet -- but you still shouldn't exceed a certain number of calories on that day -- but if you're longing for chocolate cake - that's the day to have it. "Trim Healthy Mama" is similar in that it encourages three hours inbetween meals, it also has varying meal types (high carb vs low carb) but that you're never to mix a carb and a fat. So basically, your high carb meal will be a carb plus a protein, and your low carb meal will be a protein plus a fat, but never a carb plus a fat, if I recall correctly. There are all sorts of low-carb ideas going on out there, but being a Hashimoto's hypothyroid person means that METABOLISM MATTERS to me, I want to get some carbs in this diet - while yet having low carb options going on as well.

p.s.  (I'm trying to figure out what works for me...  I'm not a nutritionist - so any ideas I offer here -- feel free to take them with a grain of salt (iodized or non-iodized - I'm not sure which...) check with your doctor before taking any of my advice, you are responsible for your own body and yourself.

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