Thyroid Nutritious Diet - Recommended by a Naturopath

Thyroid Nutritious Diet - Recommended by a Naturopath

I was blessed to receive a copy of this diet from a friend.  This is the diet that was a great help to me when my thyroid was causing me quite a lot of trouble, I was extremely fatigued and suffering from Hashimoto's Thyroid Symptoms.  **THIS is NOT a weight-loss diet.**  This is a nutrition plan for optimum thyroid functionPlease note:  I am not a doctor, not making any claims here, what you do is up to you.  This diet was very nourishing and helpful for me -- check with YOUR DOCTOR as some parts of this may be controversial, such as the food combining or the idea of adding salt -- that might be a bad idea.

The Diet I received said to:

Always combine a protein, fruit, fat and fiber (raw carrot/bamboo shoots) at meals & plenty of salt.  (Please note that after what I've read about iodine, that part about salt is controversial and personally I would refrain from that.  Studies have shown that adding iodine, for some people, can actually trigger thyroid conditions.  I do not know the bottom line on this so ask your doctor.)

Try to eat organic food as pesticides and hormone resides can suppress thyroid function and interfere with healthy cellular processes.  (Note:  I do not know if this statement is based on studies and therefore true, or if this statement is merely a belief.  Do what you think is best.)  It is also recommended to only cook in glass or enamel cookware or the magnetic type of stainless steel to avoid the leaching of heavy metals from such cookware as cast iron, non-magnetic stainless steel (leaches nickel) or aluminum...  It is said that the various heavy metals that leach from these cookwares adversely affect thyroid and other organ functions even in small quantities (I have not verified this or studied this, I do not know if this is a true statement.)

Diet Protocol (Details to follow):

  • Protein: 75-150 grams daily depending on your body weight and nutritional needs. 
  • Liver: 4 oz per week
  • Shellfish: 1-2x per week
  • Gelatin/Bone Broth/Gravy:  1-3 cups bone broth daily.   
  • Ripe Fruit:  Daily 180-270 grams of ripe fruit sugars daily, comprising 30%-50% of each meal, kinds of fruits mentioned below.
  • Orange Juice:  1-2 quarts daily (fresh squeezed - juice it yourself is best.)
  • Milk:  1-2 quarts daily.
  • Water:  When thirsty.
  • Sweeteners:  Raw Honey is best (details below)
  • Fats:  Consume 2-3 TBSP coconut oil daily, Fats to use in foods when needed:  Butter is fine, less than 1 TBSP olive oil.
  • Beneficial Fibers:  Raw Carrots & Bamboo Shoots Daily (see details below)
  • Vegetables:  All should be well-cooked, drink the liquid they are cooked in as it contains minerals.  (See details  below.)
  • Cooked Root Vegetables:  Only eat occasionally and only with an approved fat to aid with digestion of the starches (see details below.)
  • Mineral Rich Green Broth:  1-2 oz daily (see details below)
  • Foods to avoid:  Avoid all poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA'S) and any compounds that suppress thyroid, liver, immune system and digestive health.  Also avoid yogurt that contains lactic acid as it suppresses liver function(Details below)  Also avoid   **Please note that I have not verified these statements and I do not know if these statements are true.
Details of this diet protocol:


     Eggs, organic milk*(see note on milk*), cheese.

     Liver - 4 oz per week - cooked with plenty of butter and/or coconut oil and salt** (see note on salt) Recommend organic such as Mary's Organic Chicken Liver or Buffalo Liver, also venison and wild game.  Note that contrary to popular opinion, the liver does not store the majority of toxins.  Mammals store toxins in the fat.  *(If you're someone who needs to be careful about how much vitamin A you're ingesting, be sure and ask your doctor before you ingest liver.  I will say that for me, eating liver often gave me quite a boost of energy the next day, it was stupendous.  I found that cooking the liver cut into very thin strips, in coconut oil, granulated garlic, salt, and eating it hot was tasty -- but as soon as it cooled it got more pate'-ish.  Some people cut liver into tiny bits and put it into capsules, creating "liver pills" and I guess that could be another way to ingest liver.)

     Shellfish/Oysters/Mussels/Clams/Prawns - 1-2x per week, rich source of thyroid supported mineral not found in terrestrial foods.  Shellfish are not high in heavy metals contrary to popular opinion as they are lower on the food chain - but tuna, shark, swordfish and larger fish higher up on the food chain contain much higher levels of heavy metals and thyroid toxic fish oils.  (Please note I have not evaluated these statements and I do not know if they are true, this is just statements that are made on thyroid diet sheet that I received.)

     Beef/Lamb/Wild Meat/Elk/Buffalo/Venison etc. - Grass fed organic is best, not more than 4-6 oz meat/day.

     Gelatin/Bone Broth/Gravy - 1-3 cups broth daily.  Regularly consume gelatin-rich bone broth and/or gravy with the meats to keep the balance of amino acids helpful.  Rich sources of gelatin include boiled  shank meat, oxtail and knuckle bones, or whole organic chicken - cover with water and boil for three hours or until meal comes off the bone easily.  Let the broth cool and remove the fat on top.  This is the bone broth used to make the recommended gravy.  This bone broth is extremely nutritive when made properly and from organic meats, healing to the intestines because of the gelatin, and helps to keep amino acids from the meats balanced and supported.  See the GAPS diet.

     Fruit:  Natures best source of carbohydrates, MUST be very ripe and soft and easily digestible.  Should comprise 30%-50% of your calories at each meal. 

Enjoy these:  Tangerines, oranges, mandarins, clementines, soft ripe stone fruits such as cherries, apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches, canned loganberries, lyches, juicy ripe pears, ripe watermelons and their juice, South American fruits like cheryimoyas, sapotesoursop, guavas.  Winter fruits like sweet-juicy & ripe persimmons, pineapple, papaya, mango & kiwi.  If the apples, bananas and pears are not ripe - then only eat them well-cooked.

Do not consume raw unripe & non-sweetened fruits.  Grapefruits are thyroid suppressors.

     Orange juice:  Freshly squeezed/juiced oranges are especially good for thyroid health, drink 1-2 quarts daily.  If you are purchasing OJ from the store, drink only natural pulp-free.  There are orange juices today that contain genetically modified pulp to help the pulp stay suspended in the juice - stay away from that.  Avoid all enriched OJ's as the forms of calcium & Vitamin D they use to fortify may be toxic.  If you're going to buy store-bought OJ, research it first and buy the good stuff.  Also note that OJ counts toward the daily sugar total (from 180-270 grams sugar per day total.)

     *Milk -- This diet that came from a naturopath and bases the ideas on that of "Ray Peat" advocates the use of raw milk, which is highly controversial and some feel that this is dangerous.  When I tried raw milk, I went to a farm that a friend of mine goes to on a regular basis and drinks their milk which is tested every single month to ensure safety, however, even the farmer who sold me the milk told me that there were risks associated with drinking it.  I only drank a small amount.  I'm glad I got the health benefits from it, however, personally if I do it again, it will not be when I'm at such a thyroid low, I think I personally would wait and try it when I'm feeling much better & healthier to give my body less to deal with, but each to his own.  This particular diet recommends if not drinking raw milk, to drink organic whole milk because of it's nutrients, but that if you're trying to lose weight that low-fat is okay, but never non-fat.  The order of preference of milk that is stated in this diet is first raw milk, but otherwise organic pasteurized, which is said to be better than homogenized, and homogenized better than none.  When I consumed milk on this diet, I realized that I was providing rich nourishment.  If you don't consume milk, you may consider consuming eggshell powder for proper thyroid support.  More on eggshell powder here:

     Coffee & Tea only ever with or after meals.
     Water only when thirsty -- too much water consumed when not thirsty or not expiring lots of fluids can dilute your mineral balance and upset your thyroid and adrenal hormone balance.   How much water should I drink?
Interesting info on water and stress here:
You can drink too much water:

     Honey/Sugar/Sweeteners -- Raw honey is nature's best sweetener, it can count toward 30%-50% of calories as carbs.  Sugar from honey is thyroid supportive and helps your liver metabolism and clearance of thyroid suppressive hormones and provides sugars that do not feed harmful bacteria and parasites in your intestines. 

     FATS - Coconut oil - eat 2-3 Tbsp daily, make sure only to buy expeller pressed organic type, free of pesticides/herbicides.  Butter is fine.  Olive oil in small quantities, no more than 1 TBSP per day; caution: olive oil may contain 10% pufa's.  You can buy recommended coconut oil from Western Botanical Medicine -- .

     Beneficial Fibers:  Raw carrots & bamboo shoots.  Raw grated carrot salad with coconut oil with lemon/lime juice or with vinegar (recommend Braggs), better for fungicidal activity which is a common problem in thyroid disease due to a depressed immunity.  If not the salad, then much on raw carrots and/or bamboo shoots daily, eat at least 1-2 large carrots daily or 1/2-1 can of bamboo shoots daily, rinse and soak the shoots before eating - check the label to avoid brands with added citric acid or colorings.

     Vegetables - All veggies should be well-cooked, and be sure and drink the liquid that they're cooked in for added minerals.  Be sure and eat vegetables that are well-cooked, soft and well digested, don't cause gas.  When eating starchy vegetables, eat them with approved oils to help digestion.  Only eat these occasionally:  Well cooked snow/sugar snap peas and cooked green beans, these are thyroid suppressors.  Cooked Root veggies because of the starches in them; starches are hard on digestion and do not promote thyroid health and they also feed harmful bacteria and parasites.  Potatoes, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, brassica veggies - well cooked only; as brassica veggies are thyroid suppressors (Brassica veggies:  Brussell sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, kale.)  Only eat fresh sweet corn when it is in the summer months, fresh, ripe & sweet.  Other veggies cooked only in small quantities.

     Mineral Rich Green Broth - for minerals.  Boil 1 lb green leaves (kale, collards or other green leaves, fresh or dried nettles are best as they are not thyroid suppressive and kale is on the list of thyroid suppressive) with just enough water to cover and boil for 20-30 minutes.  Strain leaves and discard the leaves.  Drink 1-2 oz per day of the broth fo rcalcium, magnesium, vitamin K and many other beneficial minerals. 

      *Salt --  Check with your doctor.  Even though this diet recommends salt, I have found that salt is highly controversial, I've found people who recommend it, and I've found a study that shows that iodine can actually cause thyroid problems for some people.  Some people think it hurts, some people think it heals, I'd recommend that anyone venturing to use salt must ask their doctor, I do not think "self-treating" regarding salt is a good idea for me, as it could be quite a mistake.  With this in mind, here are some interesting links concerning salt.

Effect of small doses of iodine on thyroid function in patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis residing in an area of mild iodine deficiency - European Journal of Endocrinology, 1998 ISN 0804-4643  -

A Review of the Iodine Loading Test  - Townsend Letter, January 2013

 A Study on How Medications Effect Thyroid

Then of course there's the "LOW IODINE DIET" which some people attribute their "healing" from Hashimoto's to a low-iodine diet...

Finally, the No-No's are to avoid PUFA's, compounds that suppress the liver, immune system and thyroid health.

PUFA's are apparently found in the fat and skin of animals that are fed corn & soy.  Don't eat the skin or fat of such animals.  Apparently, large fish contain high levels of mercury, and all fish skin contains mercury, and mercury suppresses the thyroid.  Apparently, whole grains contain PUFA's.  I really dont' know about this one but it says to avoid all nuts, seeds, peanut butter and beans/peas except for fresh peas, as they are said to contain thyroid suppressive PUFA's & oils and other thyroid suppressive compounds and must be avoided by those with low thyroid function.  (I would want to research this statement to find out if it is true.)  Avoid vegetable oils - PUFA's -- sunflower oi, safflower oil, canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, hemp oil, flax oil, palm oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil and fish oils.  Only eat coconut oil and butter and only a little olive oil (see details above.)  Wow by this time I'm tired of telling the no-no's.  But I do remember that this diet was so helpful for me.  I don't even feel like typing in the rest of the info here, but I'll do it.  It says, avoid potato chips, corn chips & cakes/pastries & corn syrup and processed foods because they're often cooked in PUFA's, but that you could make your own oven French fries at home if fried in expeller pressed coconut oil.  Avoid processed foods like sodas with high fructose corn syrup, (we should all know that by now...) pre-prepared foods in restaurants, delis, etc., all these foods are likely to contain harmful substances.  More easily said than "what not to eat" is "what to eat" which is the allowed unprocessed foods - always.  Now here's a big bummer -because I love -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joes Grapefruit Juice, my mouth waters just thinking about it.  (I'm still going to have some of this because it is simply amazing.)  But apparently, grapefruit is a thyroid suppressor.  You know, I need to research that, I mean, who says so?  Is this true?   Because I love grapefruit juice from TJ's.  It is simply amazing.  So with EVERYTHING SAID HERE -- BE sure it's true before you run with it and claim it's true.  I'm not even claiming all this is true -- these are things I'm reading and relaying to you from a paper that was handed to me that a naturopath came up with having based it mainly on ideas from Ray Peat, and surely I'd guess, adding in some of his own ideas.  So on the list goes, avoid noodles, (wah,) pasta, bread, muffins, biscuits, (there goes Christmas breakfast), eat these sparingly:  Lettuce, green salads, (it is better if greens are cooked) well I'm still going to enjoy my yummy salads - so there - Avoid blueberries - WAIT -- HOLD THE TRAIN -- I LOVE BLUEBERRIES - apparently, the tiny seeds are intestinal irritants and instead to eat locally ripe raspberries and blackberries...  Well I can't obey that either.  I buy my blueberries frozen from Costco and eat them in my awesome Bob's Mill gluten free oats and I add cinnamon, so I won't listen to that one either.  Hmmm..  More...  Avoid cheese made with microbial or natural enzymes, vegetable rennet or enzymes, eat only cheese made with animal rennet (cultures are OK) check labels of hard cheese (Italian Parmesan is usually made with animal rennet but check to be sure), Nancy's cottage cheese and cream cheese is made with cultures and no rennet but you will need to rinse Nancy's cottage cheese before eating as the lactic acid content is very high.  ((Hey wait, if I can rinse the lactic acid off of cottage cheese, can I rinse the lactic acid off of yogurt?  - JK LOL)).  Gotta break up the ongoing no-no's list here somehow...  AVOID dairy products and other products with carrageenan, carob bean gum, guar gum, xantham gum, locust bean gum, agar agar and other thickeners such as starch from corn, potato, wheat, rice, etc., check the 1/2 & 1/2, cream, ice cream and products to avoid such things.  Avoid all products that contain citric acid, it's apparently very allergenic and shouldn't be in our food.  NATURAL citric acid is NOT what we're talking about here, as NATURAL citric acid from citrus fruits is tolerated well by the body  -- but it's the FAKO synthetic citric acid which is harmful and toxic, it's found in all sorts of packaged/canned foods, read the labels.  Avoid processed meats that may contain "meat glue" and it's not listed as an ingredient -- remember the "PINK SLIME" fiasco in 2012 or 2013?  That's the stuff -- that's the goop we're talking about.

ALRIGHTY GUYS -- well That's the diet that is conveyed on this paper -- I'm not a nutritionist -- I'm only relaying information -- and if you're interested ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.  I make no claims, I don't own this diet.  It's on YOU people.

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