Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is Short -- Start fresh each new day

Life is short so what are you doing with your life? Tomorrow could be the last day, the best day, the worst day or perhaps even the first day of something new and suprising, each day being an opportunity to try again and start anew. With each morning sun that rises we receive a new opportunity to choose, to love, to give, to serve or on the other hand to make choices that have little or ill effect on ourselves or others.

Tomorrow is a new day and life is short, what are you doing tomorrow? I want to encourage you to pray and ask the One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ, that He would guide you and lead you and come into your life and help you to see that life is worth living, and that comfort and blessing and love and peace abound when Jesus is leading the way and you are allowing Him that place of leadership in your life.

This week is another new week and life is short, what are you doing this week? Consider what the Lord would have you do this week to seek Him and to reach out to Him for His help, love and salvation, and how He wants to show you His love and salvation. His yoke is easy, His burden is light; go to Christ Jesus and you'll find rest for your souls. It doesn't change the fact that this life is hard -- but when you have the Lord in your life to help you through it makes things much, much better, there is hope for every tomorrow, comfort, peace and true love -- yes, true love. God is love.

Here's a great free website where you can search the Bible and get help and hope for your tomorrows: Bible Gate Way -- I encourage you to read the Bible, get hope and help from the Word of God.

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