Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Need A Rescue

Right now rescuers are working hard to complete the beginning of the process that will lead to the rescue of miners trapped deep below the ground in Chile. The men who are awaiting the rescue have been underground for 68 days, of which I understand that for the first 18 days they were unsure if they would ever be found. Imagine 18 days trapped inside the dark earth deep beneath its surface, with very little light and limited supplies of food and water. Would you pray then? Would you call to God for a rescue then?

The rescue capsule is being prepared and shortly it is expected to be lowered to save the trapped miners. People all around the world are waiting, watching to see if the men will be saved or if it will be a failed attempt to save these men; men with families, hearts beating; lungs filling with air and exhaling, thoughts in their minds, hopes in their hearts...

The state of mankind is lost. We are like those miners, lost in the dark, wandering and searching for hope. Christ shines His light to us! He offers us hope everlasting! The hope of our rescue with Jesus Christ is secure! Behold, He stands at the door and knocks... Will you let Him in? Will you let Him in to rescue you? His rescue is sure and successful. Come to Christ, don't wait.

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