Monday, November 1, 2010

True Friendship

As I think on a new friendship in which our hearts are uplifted by the kindness and charity of another, I think on how friendships have changed throughout this lifetime. It is a strange thing how people change, and then it is not so strange, understanding that we are all changing. Sometimes life circumstances bring about unexpected changes and we can be at a loss of knowing how to respond, how to help.

The resounding bottom line: Stay true. Be honest. Love one another. A friend loves at all times. Though the waves are crashing and a fog is rolling in, yet God is true, He remains the same and He never changes. His love can conquer what we cannot. What our love is faint to accomplish, weak to attempt, God is able. He is able to deliver, to clear the sky, to calm the storm.

I will rest in Thee.

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